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Many people associate dog clothing mainly with the “cute” factor. Dog in clothes look cute and usually create hype on parties. However, the dog probably doesn’t care about clothes much – so, some people would argue that dressing up a dog is just a whim and has no practical point at all. In many cases that would be a powerful argument – if you observe your dog more closely you might notice that he or she feels ashamed when dressed up – especially if you treat the dog like a dolly! Also, there are types of clothes that constrain the dog’s movement and cause discomfort – every kind of suit for instance!

So, are dog clothes a cute accessory for your doggy or just a ridiculous burden?

Well, the important thing is what clothes you actually choose!

There is a practical side to dog clothing, especially for smaller dogs. One might say that dogs are wild animals, and they are supposed to be happy in the great outdoors. The truth is that many of our canine companions are quite spoiled – a French Poodle wouldn’t enjoy a snow blizzard, especially if it is just coming out of the beauty salon!

So, your dog may actually enjoy wearing a coat or raincoat. Actually, such clothes could be considered a must, especially during the winter, for dogs with shorter hair. Smaller dogs tend to get cold very fast. Also, your hairy companion could only benefit from a raincoat – after a walk in the rain dogs can look very bedraggled!

Dog shoes also have practical value, especially if you walk your dog in rougher terrain. Dog paws are very sensitive. There was one time when a stray dog in the neighborhood had hurt its paw, and it was a terrible sight – imagine a bloody track, going on and on through mud and over pavements, bearing the distinct shape of the dog’s foot! Never learned what happened with that dog, but I hope he made it…

So, even if you don’t think that dogs look awesome in clothes, consider the practical aspects of dog clothing.

And if you really enjoy dressing up your pooch – pause for a moment and consider an important question: is the dog comfortable in the clothes you choose?

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