Dog Dinosaur – clothes!

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Do you love to dress up your dog?

Are you by any chance a dinosaur geek like Ross Geller?

Well, prepare to be amazed – you can combine both your hobbies!

If you search a little bit, you will be able to find dinosaur costumes for your dog, varying from adorable to frighteningly realistic – you wouldn’t want a Velociraptor rushing in to greet you each time you return home, would you?

Stegosaurus, Brontosaurus (yeah, I know this is not the correct paleontological name, but still – don’t mess with Littlefoot), and even Tyrannosaurus – you can have your pick.

Sure, many dog lovers consider dressing up a dog as demeaning – but who cares when it’s dinosaurs? Dogs are remotely related to dinosaurs after all (then again – aren’t we all?), so it shouldn’t be that big a deal. After all, many kids dress up as their grandparents at some point of their lives.

If you live in a big city, then there is probably a manufacturer of a supplier of dog costumes somewhere in the vicinity; if not, you can always order online, since specialized merchandise such as that is usually available country-wide, and with shipping promotions.

Dinosaur costumes for dogs vary from whole costumes, to wacky T-shirts – you and your pet can wear the same T-shirt, boasting an image of your favorite dinosaur, or a quote like the commonly used “I ♥ T-Rex!”

However, the complete costumes look much better on your dog, and your faithful canine can really have scaly dinosaur skin and the threatening horns of a heavily armored Triceratops, for instance.

Still, some practical advice – make sure that the costume you choose does not impede your dog in any way, and be alert for allergies. Dogs can have allergies too, and a rash would indicate that the fabric of the costume does not agree with your pet’s sensitive skin.

And one final piece of advice – dressing up dogs in dinosaur outfits works best with small dogs. You wouldn’t want a Great Dane to be insulted, or to be touched by an ancient dinosaur’s spirit – just after you’ve dressed him as a ferocious Tyrannosaurus!

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