Dog harness - you’ll probably need one!

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Some people associate a dog wearing a dog harness mainly with the “cute” factor. However, that is not the case – as a dog owner, you will have to see the practical side of dog harnesses sooner or later.

Dog harnesses have loops that encircle your dog’s body, with connecting straps between them. There are many designs, varying according to the purpose of the dog harness – and there are a lot of reasons your dog might need a harness!

Medical reasons

Some dogs need to wear a harness as an alternative to the collar and leash. This is vitally important for dogs that suffer from respiratory problems, bronchitis or a collapsed trachea. If a dog with such a problem wears a collar, the pressure from pulling the leash would go directly to the trachea. This would cause coughing, irritation, and the dog’s health would be endangered – in such a situation, a dog harness is a must!

Everyday walks

A dog harness is also an invaluable alternative to a collar for everyday walks in the park. Some dogs are notorious pullers, and a harness would allow you to exercise better control over the dog’s movements.

More importantly, it is recommended to use a harness for smaller breeds of dogs and puppies – their necks are weaker and a collar could cause permanent damage, especially if your dog is a leash-puller. A harness would also allow you to solve the problem with a dog that constantly slips its collar – this is the best solution for breeds that have heads smaller than their necks (greyhounds for instance).

Warmth on a rainy day

Always consider the details. Dogs are no longer wolves, they are often no less spoiled than humans – and don’t necessarily enjoy a walk in the cold! A dog harness would provide some additional warmth without looking as humiliating as a doggy raincoat. Furthermore, there are special harnesses designed with cold-resistant fabrics.


If you want to train your dog for a sport such as dog pulling, skijoring or pulka, then you need to obtain a special harness. Pulling harnesses are made from durable fabrics and are specially designed for the respective sports.


For some types of dog training a dog harness is recommended. A harness would allow the dog to breath better. In more intensive kinds of training a dog harness would also lessen the pressure on the trainer – he need not fear breaking the dog’s neck! Harnesses are used for police training, sports training, Belgian ring and so on.


Last but not least, a harness is the mark of a working dog. Guide dogs should always wear a harness, since it allows the blind person to feel the exact movement of the dog’s body.

Also, some dogs wear harnesses when they assist their master at work – different tools can be attached to the harness of a trained dog assistant.

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