A glowing dog collar – not a trinket!

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The night called to him, beckoned him with a thousand unheard voices. They spoke to him, to a part forgotten, a part that longed to howl at the moon and to stalk the pitch black highways of an ancient forest. For just a moment, he gave in, he ran, one with the night, the wind rushing through his fur… then there was a monster roaring at him, blinding him with fiery eyes. Where to go? Run or fight?… and then…

The night was silent…

Glow-in-the dark stuff is funny – when one is young. However, we adults would pass on it as “immature”, sometimes just for appearance, even if it secretly appeals to the inner child.

However, when one is taking care of a dog, a glowing collar can actually be quite useful – and necessary.

People often find time to take their canine friends for a walk only after dark – and in our overcrowded modern reality, darkness can hide a million dangers. You can get separated from your dog, lose it in the night… and a driver may fail to notice a dog on the street before it gets too late.

A glow-in-the-dark dog collar can be essential for your dog’s safety. The bright light will allow you to always keep track of the dog, and will alert drivers that something’s ahead even if it’s pitch dark.

Some practical advice…

Choosing the right size is essential, just as with any dog collar – and the same general rules apply. The collar should be neither too loose, nor too tight – generally, you should be able to put two or three fingers between the collar and the dog’s neck.

The collar needs to be washable – make sure you can keep it clean without damaging it. Also, if your dog is still growing, then go for an adjustable collar, otherwise you will need a new one in a few months’ time.

Some dog collars are powered by batteries, others by solar batteries or other sun-charged means. In all cases, make sure the power source is strongly attached to the collar and will not fall off if the dog is playing intensively. Also, the collar should not impede the dog in any way!

… and a fun vision.

Well, it is fun! Deny it all you want, but watching the dog run in the night with a collar glowing in all the colors of the rainbow will be like witnessing an alien attack from the trashy old movies we used to love!

Not to mention that nowadays, one often has to search for beauty and art in the bizarre… and for the time being, a moon-lit park filled with a thousand dogs, each with a collar glowing in a different color – well, it doesn’t come more bizarre than that. Talk with your friends, be creative in choosing the color pattern for your dog – and make art from walking the dog!

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