Different Beds for Different Dogs

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Our dogs are our friends, companions and part of the family. You have comfortable furniture to sit and sleep on so why shouldn’t they? Just like us, they need to have their own place to relax or be alone. Much as they love us, dogs do need time to be alone and having a place they know to be their own will afford them the comfort, security and solitude they require.

Different dogs prefer different beds and, since they aren’t able to tell us what they like, it’s up to us to make the right choice. Observe how your dog likes to sleep and then make your choice. While there is a large selection to choose from, the most common dog beds are the ones we will discuss here. Some breeds commonly suffer from genetic or breed related issues and diseases. Science has determined that having the correct dog bed can help relieve some of the symptoms for these dogs.

Many people crate train their dogs which serves two purposes. You will know the dog is safe in its crate when you are out and it also fulfills the dog’s need for its own safe place. When they are fed in a crate and bedded there when you are out, they quickly realize this is their space. Beds for crates are made to fit the crate, are generally thin and usually have a bolster edging for security and comfort. Generally the covers are washable in case of a mishap and keep your pet warm and comfy.

The pillow type cushion bed is also popular. Essentially it is a large, somewhat flat cushion and comes in many sizes. Usually they have washable covers and if your dog likes to spread out on the floor they will like this bed. Always get a dog bed big enough for your dog to stretch out but not so big they feel lost in it.

Bolster beds or donut beds are for those pups who like to curl up and feel secure when relaxing or sleeping. They are basically a cushion bed with sides with an opening at one point for the dog to climb in. Dogs like mine, both big and small, who like to use a pillow for their heads like these beds. Smaller breeds really enjoy the soft plushness and security.

Dogs who suffer from joint, muscle, bone issues and arthritis will enjoy an orthopedic dog bed. These are constructed from a particular kind of thick foam that provides your dog with cushioning in order to alleviate pressure on the joints and alleviate stress. Thinner, bony dogs appreciate these beds which come in a selection of sizes so you can choose the best one for your dog.

Elderly or chronically ill dogs can benefit from heating or cooling beds. These are designed to relieve pain. They generally plug in and are designed to keep a pet warm in colder weather and vice versa..

Less common, more expensive and available in a variety of sizes are pillow top dog beds which are essentially a soft cushion on a solid base. These are easy care, washable and quick drying.

Out of the large selection of dog beds available there is sure to be one that is right for your four legged friend. You will not just provide them with the comfort of their own bed but also the security of their own place in the family home.

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