How to Make Dog Beds for Little or No Money

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When was the last time you went shopping for a dog bed? They are priced at crazy levels! If you have a large dog, you can expect to pay at least one hundred dollars for a good bed. You may have several small dogs and want just one bed they can all sprawl on at the same time. Buying four small beds can set you back a pretty penny. This article will explain how to make your own dog beds for little or nothing.

Maybe you have one small and certainly very special dog that you need a comfy bed for. Often you can use a flattened pillow from a thrift store! You may want to wrap a cover over it so you can wash the cover often to keep dirt and fleas at bay, but a pillow is perfect for a small dog and you know he or she will be very comfy with his or her own special pillow.

If you have a medium sized dog or two small dogs, check the thrift store for an old sofa cushion. If you can find one with a zippered closure you can put plastic around the cushion and it put it back into the cover and zip it up. This will keep the actual cushion clean and you can take the cover off and wash it whenever it becomes soiled.

One relatively large dog can fit on a longer sofa cushion and be quite comfortable. You can wrap it up in a blanket or put plastic around the actual cushion before you return it to its cover to keep it fresh and clean. If you have a hound type dog, you may want to add a fabric softener sheet or two to the inside of the cushion to make it smell fresher for a longer period of time.

On the off chance that you have a giant breed, like a Great Dane or Irish wolfhound, keep an eye out for someone getting rid of a crib mattress. The size is perfect for the biggest breeds and it has a plastic cover that is very easy to wipe over while the sheet or cover is being washed. The larger breeds of dogs need something slightly thicker than other breeds to keep them all the way off of cold floors. Many times these larger breeds have painful hips or other joints that do better when kept off the cold floor. Larger dogs are known for having arthritis as they age and a good crib mattress may be just what he needs!

If you are a crafty person you may want to make several covers for the size of bed you get so you can change them often. Using fabric softener sheets will help keep the bed smelling fresh much longer. These cushions are really easy to find and all you need to do is mention it to a few friends. You will likely run across someone trying to get a sofa or an old crib to the dump when they no longer need it and you can scoop one up for free. The thrift stores always have this type of thing, but you may need to speak with them and let them know what you’re looking for.

 Check back with them often until you find exactly what you want to fit your precious pup!

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