Break-away dog collars - are you aware of the statistics?

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Dog collars can kill your dog!

Once you become a proud dog-owner, you will find yourself literally buried under dog product commercials and recommendations.

Many of those things you don’t actually need. But some of the vital products – they just get under-advertised.

Your dog needs a dog collar. In the modern world, it is important to have control over the dog, and furthermore, the collar is the best training tool.

But did you know that many dogs get strangled by their own collars? Browse the web – people from all over the world recall the terrifying experience of watching their pet die on the floor of the living room.

Accidents happen mostly when two or more dogs play together – especially since dogs generally like to play rough. Sometimes a dog may break his lower jaw if it gets tangled in the other dog’s collar. In other cases both dogs could tangle their collars and choke themselves to death – such accidents have often happened under the supervision of their owners!

Well, people will say that accidents happen and this is just an unfortunate statistic. The problem with unfortunate statistics is any dog can become part of them – even yours!
Break-away dog collars are not a magical solution that guarantees the full safety of your dog – but they could help minimize the risk. These collars have a safety mechanism that would allow the dog to break free if excessive force is applied.

The funny thing is that break-away dog collars are often hard to find. Many pet stores simply don’t have that kind of collar in stock, although there are several websites that would allow you to purchase a break-away collar online.

The question is, why aren’t such collars advertised more? And why are so many people unaware of the danger that dog collars can pose to their canine companions?

Always consider the unfortunate statistics; that’s all.

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