The best Christmas gift for a dog?

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Dogs have always been a part of the family – and Christmas is coming! What better way to show your love for that loyal canine than by including the dog in the great tradition of exchanging Christmas gifts?

So, now your task is to choose the best gift for the dog! Surprisingly, that is not hard at all. There are loads of dog accessories, some of them practical, others – rather eccentric!

Practical ideas

1. A brand new dog tag!
All dogs need dog tags. However, your pooch can wear a stylish one – different shops offer a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors, and also engrave different symbols on them, and the dog’s name of course!

2. Refresh the furniture
Dogs naturally do not demand new stuff just because “This is out of fashion!” In fact, most dogs get attached to the things they are used to. Still, when Fido’s things start falling apart, it’s time to replace them – and Christmas might provide you with the perfect opportunity to do just that.

3. New treats
If you want your dog to remember the holidays, then a change in the diet always works. Introduce new treats to your pooch, and Christmas will be remembered every time the dog munches on the new favorite food!

Furthermore, chances are high that your dog needs a change to a healthier diet – and that would be the best gift possible!

4. A new dog bowl
Dog bowls are generally overlooked by both humans and dogs – after all, the food is the important part!

However, you will be surprised by the large variety of dog bowls offered on the market. For each dog, there is the perfect dog bowl, allowing it to eat comfortably.

5. How about a comfy bed?
As you well know, at least from TV commercials, sleeping is important. A good night’s sleep means a vitalized start to the day, while a bad bed leads to many health problems.

Same goes for the dog – check whether the dog bed is really the best one for your dog! There are countless variants, and a new bed is vitally important for aging dogs.

Eccentric options

If your dog is accommodated well and you have money to spend, there are countless of non-practical dog gifts! Any attempt at classification is bound to fail.

There are dog clothes, dog shoes, dog jewelry, and the wackiest dog toys imaginable – dog Petz, dog drinking fountains in the shape of a toilet, dog cars and many, many more!
And the best gift is…


Christmas is a great holiday – but this is NOT the only time of the year that one has to be good to one’s loved ones.

The best present you can give any dog is your love – but not only during the holidays. Take good care of your canine friend, and respond kindly to his/her unconditional devotion – and you will have one happy dog.

That’s all it takes.

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