How to choose a dog harness - tips for choosing the right harness

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There are a lot of reasons your dog might need a harness – medical problems, behavior problems, cold weather, sports, training and etc. It is especially recommended for dogs that guide blind people or offer physical support.
Here are some useful tips for choosing the best dog harness:

It would be best if the dog harness is fitted specifically for your dog. Most custom dog harnesses are ordered via the internet or by phone, so you need to provide accurate measurements – it would be best to use a soft flexible measuring tape; however, if you only have a straight ruler, you could always use string. Each measurement should be made at least three times in order to be certain. Supply an average to the manufacturer.

You need to measure:

  • Girth: the circumference of your dog just behind the front legs where your dogs chest is the deepest;
  • Length: the length of your dog from the base of the neck to the base of the tail;
  • Height: the height of the dog from the floor to the top of the shoulder;
  • Sternum to shoulder: the distance from the point of the sternum, angled up beside the neck to the little dip on the top of the dogs back between the shoulder blades.

You also need to mention your dog’s breed, sex and age – a serious harness supplier would ask you for such details anyway.

Most dog harnesses are made from nylon or other synthetic materials – this is also the cheapest option available. Leather is a more expensive material – it is especially needed for larger or more aggressive dogs, since it is sturdier than nylon.
Consider padding – this makes the harness more expensive, but it is essential for dogs with shorter hair. Otherwise, the harness may cause chafing to your dog.

Also, keep it in mind that some dogs have skin allergies, so it would be a good idea to consult your vet. There are more comfortable fabrics like cotton, which also allow the skin to breath.

Adjustable harness
There are adjustable harnesses. They may be the best solution for you if you are the proud owner of a growing puppy. You should also consider an adjustable harness if you expect your dog to lose weight or gain muscle.

No universal harness
The standard harness is not universal. For dog sports associated with greater weights, you would need a special harness – each sport is usually supervised by an organization that would inform you exactly what kind of a harness your dog needs. There are different kinds of weightpull harnesses, sled harnesses and etc.

For colder climates you would also want to pick a special harness – there are harnesses made from cold-resistant fabrics.

If the dog is going on a trip with you, and you plan to use the car, a car-harness would be useful for securing Fido to his seat.

To summarize, when you are ordering a dog harness, always explain what you need the harness for.

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