Spend a Rainy Day Making Dog Toys!

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Rainy days can be difficult for everyone in the family. We know nature needs water, but it tends to trap us inside when we’d much rather be spending the day outside in the bright sunshine! Of course you could spend the day paying bills, dusting, running the vacuum around and hitting that huge pile of laundry you’ve been putting off, but there must be something more fun to do than that, and there is! Here’s an ongoing project that’s perfect to do on those icky rainy or snowy days; it is fun and the whole family can do it together as a family project. You will also find that many of the things you no longer use can be put to good use which will help to reduce clutter!

Begin by designating one spot Fido can access, not too far off the beaten track and visible to everyone. Try to find a place you and your family will see often. If it’s out of sight it may be out of mind! Now decorate a box or a basket that will fit into the space you chose. The entire family should contribute to decorating the box or basket for your dog. Get creative with it using crayons, markers, perhaps find a pretty dog-related fabric, or use pictures of your dog as decorations for your box or basket. Once it’s complete, place the container in the space you selected for your pup.

Have the family find worn out socks, left-over pieces of fleece fabric (which can be clothing or an old blanket that you no longer use), balls the kids no longer want, old T-shirts, small stuffed animals they no longer play with, plastic drink bottles after they’ve been rinsed thoroughly and anything else you can think of to fill the basket. Just add things as you find them throughout the week. Keep your particular pet in mind as you collect things in his basket. If he’s really small you will want to avoid things that can be a choke hazard. You may not want to use large stuffed animals because there will be a real mess when he breaks them open. You won’t want to use anything made from hard plastic, glass, metal or anything that may cause injury.

When you’re ready to start making toys, dump your basket and see what you have. You’ll need to get a little creative with some of the items, and some items won’t get used but that’s okay. The more you have collected the more options you have. Something as simple as an old water bottle, dried, three or four small slits in the sides and a treat or two added with the top returned can transform in to a great toy your dog will love! They love the crunchy texture and they can smell the treat so it holds their interest better than any store-bought toy. Using an old sock, drop in a dry treat and tie the toe, then add a few strips of a T-shirt or a fleece scrap tied around it and this will make an excellent toy for any dog. Don’t worry about giving your dog a sock, thinking that they will think all socks are fun; trust me, he will prefer the one that smells like his favorite treat! You can also use several strips of fleece or T-shirt fabric to make a tug toy or a giant knot to play with. Simply tie several strips together in the middle very tightly with a piece of yarn so the ends are loose and they have a ball that doesn’t roll, but they will still have a blast playing with it! Use your imagination and encourage your kids to do the same. The family will have fun making the toys and the dog will love the great variety; happy creating!

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