Dog Allergy Cured – the Boot Solution!

Narrated from: Dog Health

Sorry – this article is about allergic dogs, not about humans allergic to dogs.

Dogs can be allergic too, you know – but sometimes it is much harder to notice the symptoms, and in the unfortunate case of some food allergies, this usually happens too late.

However, the case of Jaxs, which was recently reported in the UK, was quite easy to spot – the 8-year-old Jack Russell Terrier was allergic to grass!

The little dog’s feet suffered from contact with a single blade of grass. Jaxs would lose whole lumps of fur, and his sensitive paws would be covered with sores!

Can you imagine the horror of a dog suspended from running in the park?!

Well, Jaxs could actually run through grass – the problem was that afterwards he would gnaw at his painful feet. His elderly owner took some time to notice the problem, but couldn’t actually imagine such sores would be a result of an allergy – not until she took Jaxs to the vet, and discovered to her horror that the little dog was allergic to grass (and eggs).

Fortunately, the vet found a simple and effective solution – Jaxs just had to wear boots!

Sure, this got him some funny looks from the neighborhood dogs (and humans), but who cares as long as you can feel the wind in your fur?!

Now Jaxs can run in the park just as any normal dog, though rolling in the grass is not really advisable. His owner also claims that Jaxs understands the importance of his boots quite well – the little dog took to sleeping with the boots nearby, and would fiercely protect them if anyone tried to take them or even looked at them longer that allowed by canine etiquette.

The owner also added that some dog-lovers were quick to judge her as being cruel for making the dog wear boots – however, in this particular case clothing is essential for the dog, and besides, the vet made a true shoemaker’s job and produced light boots, through which the dog’s feet could breathe.

So, now Jaxs can run free – but there are other dogs cannot without suffering afterwards from a painful allergic reaction. There are many dogs that are allergic to certain things, but they are not cured – and not because their owners don’t love them with all their heart, but simply because dog allergies are hard to spot when they are exhibited by dogs!

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