Dog eye problems - Pink eye

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One of the most common dog eye problems is the so-called Pink eye (conjunctivitis).
As the name suggests, this problem is easy to spot – your dog’s eye would have a pinkish or even a red color, and might look swollen. You should always check your dog’s eyes if it starts to hang out in darker corners of the house.

Quite often the problem is caused by foreign bodies entering the eye – so, you have to look at the eye carefully and clean it thoroughly. If you cannot find an irritant, then there are a lot of food supplements and herbal medicines that should cure the pink eye.
Food supplements that are generally recommended for Pink eye include Vitamin B, Vitamin C or zinc. They could be fed directly or simply added to dog food.

Herbal medicines are generally administered directly to the eye, so you should follow the instructions on the medicines carefully! Healthy and natural solutions include Aloe vera (clear gel), Chamomile tea wash, Eyebright tea wash and Green tea wash.

However, on its own, Pink eye is a minor problem. The trouble is that Pink eye may be caused by a more severe sickness. Ticks, for instance, carry bacteria that cause Pink eye. Also, Pink eye could indicate that your dog has allergies that should be treated.
So, the best thing to do is to go to your veterinarian and have the dog thoroughly examined. Be specific that you want the dog checked for any other diseases that may be causing Pink eye.

Also, never leave pink eye untreated even though it is not a serious problem! Eye drops are generally not recommended, but if natural medicines don’t work, you should have some prescribed. Pink eye can lead to serious eye problems if left unchecked, and in the end your dog might even go blind.

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