Dog glasses - a necessary protection!

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Have you ever dreamt of flying down the highway on your own motorcycle, with the dog tucked safely in the sidecar, both of you wearing stylish black glasses and looking smug?
That might be cool if you are into that stuff. However, dog glasses generally serve more practical purposes. If you see a dog wearing sunglasses, don’t consider that simply a whim of his owner. Eyes are one of your dog’s most sensitive parts.

Protection - sunglasses

Protecting your dog’s eyes from UV rays in the summer would help keep your dog’s eyes intact for a longer period of time! Also, dog goggles provide protection from wind and pollution – for instance, if you love to take your dog on a boat or in an open car, its eyes could get contaminated by flying debris.
However, you should only use sunglasses designed specifically for dogs – Doggle’s goggles for instance. Such glasses can be adapted to your dog’s muzzle and wouldn’t hurt its skin. Also, they come in many colors and you could pick a stylish version that really suits your dog.

Medical glasses

In time your dog might need glasses not just for style and protection. Dog glasses could ease your buddy’s eyesight problems – and such problems occur quite often. You should consult a veterinarian in order to pick the glasses, of course. Many dogs are far-sighted and with the right glasses on they would be able to spot a speeding car on the street much more easily!

Special dog goggles are produced for dog breeds that suffer a dry eye condition called Keratoconjunctivitis. German Shepherds are a typical example of dogs susceptible to this disease.

Finally, there are glasses for blind dogs. No, this is not a sick joke – blind dogs could really benefit from black lens glasses. Even though a dog might be completely blind, light might still irritate its eyes and cause discomfort. Also, the glasses would serve as an eye-patch of sorts, protecting the eyes of the dog.

However, in the best case scenario your dog would never need blind dog glasses if you take good care of the dog and provide it with all the necessary protection!

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