Dog Rage Syndrome

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Whenever a dog starts growling, it awakens a primal fear deep inside many of us – the old fear of the woods, where the swift shapes of the pack close all around you. Frankly, one feels the strong urge to climb up a tree.

Aggression is a major problem with many dogs. In most cases, dog aggression is due either to bad training, or to miscommunication.

However, there is a sickness called Rage Syndrome.

Dog Rage Syndrome is not as bad as rabies, but it’s a nasty problem. It causes dogs to attack without apparent reason. Often the dog won’t even remember the attack, acting friendly only minutes later.

Dog Rage Syndrome is considered to be an epileptic disorder. Dogs suffering from this brain disease will behave normally about 98% of the time – but during their rare lapses, they will not be in control of what they do.

It is believed that Rage Syndrome can affect any breed, but it is a rare disease; it is found most often in English Cocker Spaniels and English Springer Spaniels.

Dog breeds that are known to have suffered from Rage Syndrome include Newfoundlands, Golden Retrievers, Rottweilers and the Papillon, among others.

Even though the disease is not as dangerous as rabies since it is not contagious, no cure has been found thus far. Most dogs suffering from Rage Syndrome have to be put down, especially if they belong to a dangerous breed.

However, there is strong controversy on the matter and many people suggest that Rage Syndrome is in fact much rarer that is commonly believed, and most of the “sick” dogs have in fact developed the so-called dominance aggression – which is a behavioral problem and CAN be corrected.

Still, the common belief is that Rage Syndrome is a condition caused by damage to the area of the brain responsible for aggressive behavior.


Consult at least two specialists on the matter. Since the disease is extremely rare though, your dog most likely just suffers from one behavioral problem or another. With the correct training and a shift in the dog’s lifestyle, such problems can be corrected.

And never abandon hope, for there is ongoing research on Rage Syndrome, and sooner or later a cure is sure to be found!

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