Going to the veterinary - the TRUE meaning of vet acronyms!

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Going to the veterinary: the TRUE meaning of vet acronyms!

Have you ever paused to wonder what all those abbreviations that a doctor or a vet sometimes mutter to his assistant actually mean? Well, in an ideal world you would hear phrases like TBP (medical speak for Total Body Pain) only on the TV while watching ER or a similar show!

However, in this article we will present you with some of the most common vet abbreviations used in the USA, UK and Australia. Some of them are funny, others are sad; the point is that if there is an acronym for all these situations, then vets probably encounter such problems quite often.

Agroceryosis – literally this stands for “lack of groceries”. It means the owner hasn’t been applying a correct diet.

CFT - Chronic Food Toxicity i.e. obese. Another term suggesting that the dog is not fed healthily.

HBC – Hit By Car. The common dog emergency.

HBO, ROBO – Hit By Owner/Run Over By Owner.

BSBF and PU – hope you never hear that one. PU means “Paws Up” – the patient is dead. BSBF means “Buy Small Bags of Food” – which is to say that death is imminent.

SBI – another bad one. It means “Something Bad Inside” and usually it means that there is a chance the dog might have cancer.

BDLDLDL – Big Dog, Little Dog, Little Dog Lost. Apparently fights between dogs of different weight break out quite often. So, watch your Chihuahua – you never know when a little dog could attack a German Shepherd!

DSTO – well, that is another acronym we hope you would never hear. It is quite common in vet circles, and there is also a cat modification – CSTO. Basically, it means… “Dog Smarter Than Owner”.

Of course, there are countless of other abbreviations – being a veterinary is quite a complicated job. However, we have picked this collection with the hope that all dog owners will be reminded that they have to take care of their dogs!

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