How to make a dog vomit

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Remember that it is best to make a dog vomit only after you have consulted a vet. If you have no means of contacting a vet, make sure that vomiting will not harm the dog!


Usually one needs to make a dog vomit if said dog has eaten something that is poisonous – common chocolate for instance! There are other cases in which vomiting might be used, but it is best to consult a vet first.

If the dog has eaten something poisonous, keep the following in mind:

- make sure the dog is CONSCIOUS - otherwise it might choke and suffocate!

- if the dog has swallowed even a small amount of dangerous liquids such as bleach, drain cleaner or a petroleum distillate product, then you MUST NOT MAKE THE DOG VOMIT! These chemicals will burn the dog’s mouth on their way out!

- make sure that NO MORE THAN TWO HOURS have passed since the dog ate what it ate. If more than two hours have passed, then the poison has already worked its way to the small intestine, and cannot be vomited.


Hydrogen Peroxide

1. Use 3% hydrogen peroxide; do not mistake it with hair-coloring strength peroxide!

2. The dose for a dog is one teaspoon (5 ml) per ten pounds of weight! The peroxide is administered orally.

3. If the dog refuses to drink the peroxide, you can use a syringe to squirt it into the dog’s mouth. The proper dose in that case is 3 cc per 20 pounds of dog weight. Open the mouth of the dog and squirt a steady stream of hydrogen peroxide towards the dog’s throat.

4. The hydrogen peroxide should induce foaming at the mouth, followed by vomiting.

5. If this doesn’t work, call the vet.

Syrup of ipecac

Many vets do not consider this medication suitable for dogs, so only use it if you’re in a hurry and there is no hydrogen peroxide available. The proper dose is 5 ml per ten pounds of dog weight.

Traditional methods

There are techniques that have been used for centuries, but they are not always reliable.

You can give the dog some salt water or table mustard diluted with water and hope it works!

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