Legless dog – life has no boundaries

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I want to let the younger generation know that there are no real obstacles in life. The only obstacle is if you want to do it
Huang Guofu

There is a rather straightforward saying that summarizes much of the essence of life – “Shit happens”. Sometimes life’s just unfair, and bad things happen to good people – and to innocent creatures as well.

There are many jokes about legless dogs. The sad truth is that some dogs are born missing their front legs due to different hereditary diseases – or just rotten luck. Other dogs may lose one or more legs due to an accident, and unfortunately – sometimes said incident takes the form of a careless human being.

For a dog it would be terrible to lose its legs – our furry friends are beings of perpetual motion, and their whole bodies are part of their joyous language.

However, legless dogs can teach humans one valuable lesson – and it is that one must never despair.

Many legless dogs still manage to move around – some of them adopt a squirrel gait, and hop on their hind legs. Such a dog rushing at you with his bright eyes full of merriment is truly a heart-breaking sight.

There are two ways to make a legless dog’s life easier – one would be to provide the dog with a cart, the other would be to find a kind-hearted master.

There are custom-made carts that are fitted especially to a dog’s body. Such a cart allows the dog to rest its upper body, and to use its remaining legs to gain momentum, while the cart slides easily on its wheels. This contraption is very useful for dogs who find it hard to move, though they can be a little costly, reaching a price of up to $500.

However, the surprising thing is that many dogs do not care for carts even if they get one. They prefer to walk and run in the best way they can manage, not caring how awkward a sight they are.

This is due to the fact that most dogs just need some loving encouragement. Becoming a part of a family is the greatest thing that can happen to a legless dog. Even if taking care of a legless dog is somewhat more burdensome than having a regular dog, the fellow will surely compensate with unsurpassed devotion and love!

If you ever want to do a good deed – then at least consider giving a loving home to such a dog. Many people would think a legless dog to be a lost cause, but that is not so – they make perfect pets, and never give up.

As the great painter Huang Guofu said, there are no real obstacles in life.

He lost both his arms, but learned to paint with his feet and his mouth.

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