Potential Pooch Poisonous Plants

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The world is an exciting place for dogs, with so many scents, flavors and sights! Unfortunately they sometimes get into trouble because of their interest in the things around them. Only you can protect your pet from the dangerous things he may take an interest in and so many of these things are toxic to them. As a responsible pet owner it is up to you to make sure he cannot harm himself in his environment. Potential poisons are everywhere but there are many things you can do to protect him. Your first step should be to learn about the things that can be harmful or even fatal to your dog and make sure he cannot access them. Even more important is understanding what you should do if you think your dog may have ingested something that may be poisonous to him.Many human medications are perfectly safe for your dog but just as many can be fatal. Your best bet is to make sure that all medications, prescriptions or otherwise are kept completely out of his reach. The same holds true for vitamins, herbs and even over the counter supplements should be stored safely and securely. If your pup gets a bottle he will find a way to get it open and the results can be deadly. Remember that it only takes seconds for a puppy to find a bottle, break it open and eat its contents. Depending on the contents of the bottle and how much of it your dog eats prepare yourself for an action plan now so you can respond right away. Post your veterinarian’s phone number and the number to the poison control center where you can find them in an emergency.

There are many plants and flowers that may be around your house right now that can cause harm to your dog.  Some of the most beautiful plants can be fatal if ingested. Beware of all of the plants and trees you have around your home. The list is quite extensive so always ask your veterinarian which of your plants may cause harm to your dog. A few of the more popular ones include aloe, azaleas, calla lilies, daisies, chrysanthemums, tulips, daffodils, hostas and philodendron vines can all be fatal. Lily of the valley, peace lilies and mistletoe are also potentially fatal. You must be very careful with tobacco and marijuana as well.

Antifreeze is a potential poison for children too. There has been some legislation in the United States proposing that an add a unpleasant flavor should be added to it to avoid some of the poisoning problems, but this has not yet occurred. Currently, antifreeze tastes much like a sugared beverage so it can be very deceptive to a thirsty or curious dog. For antifreeze, you should induce vomiting immediately but this is not the case with some toxins. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to induce vomiting in a dog all you need is peroxide! The amount will depend on the size of your dog so find out that information from your veterinarian before you need it!

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