Great Dog Food Recipes to try

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If you have decided to make homemade dog food for your four legged friend here are some suggestions. Always remember that you can’t change their food abruptly so start by making one recipe and use mostly commercial dog food until you are sure your dog is doing okay with it and then add a little less commercial food each time. You are likely to see improvements in your pup’s coat as you wean him or her off of the commercial food. He or she should have plenty of energy to be playful, not too heavy or too thin and his or her eyes should be bright. If he or she is not looking great there may be a problem with one of your ingredients such as an allergy. If this becomes an issue talk with your veterinarian right away.

Here is a simple canine casserole that most dogs will love and it only takes about fifteen minutes to put together! Start with one cup of chopped chicken or turkey, a half cup of steamed vegetables such as sweet potato, squash, carrots or spinach. Use one half cup of cooked brown rice and about a quarter cup of chicken or turkey broth with no sodium. This can all be made from left-overs from your own dinner! Combine all the ingredients and separate them into serving sized portions and refrigerate up to four days. You can put the serving sized portions into the freezer in baggies and keep them much longer. The cost of the ingredients is just under $3.00!

How about trying some Rrrrice for pup? Start with one cup of brown or white rice and a cup of meat, cut to bite sized pieces of any variety. Add a half cup of any left-over vegetables you may have on hand such as carrots or sweet potato cut into cubes. Add those ingredients to a large pot on the stove or you can toss the mixture into the crock pot. Add a little water or broth to simmer until vegetables are tender. About five minutes before the mixture is done, add one cup of broth and one cup of instant rice. Cover and let the rice absorb the broth. Portion it out into serving sizes and refrigerate or freeze until you are ready to serve! Here again the cost of the ingredients is just about $3.00 and the recipe will feed a small dog for a week, or a large dog two or three times.

This one will cost slightly more if you use foods that aren’t already left-over in your refrigerator but it will last a long time if your dog is small. Begin with one can of salmon, deboned. Add one beaten egg, three tablespoons of cornmeal and mix it well. Cut up one potato, one carrot and one stalk of celery into bite sized pieces and add it to the mixture. Stir fry all of it together with a little canola oil. If it seems dry you can add cottage cheese or plain yogurt to loosen it up after it is done cooking. Drain and store the dog food until you are ready to use!

All dog food recipes can be placed in a crock pot with water or unsalted broth and left to simmer on low for up to eight hours. Some other time savers you may want to consider are things like mixing your left-over vegetables and meats in a container in your refrigerator until you are ready to make the dog food.

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