More easy recipes for Home Made Dog Food

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If you are feeding your precious pet homemade dog food you are likely looking for additional recipes for Fido to keep his diet balanced. It is very easy to use things you already have to prepare cost effective meals for your furry friend. Make sure the meat or other proteins is your number one ingredient and follow up with vegetables and things like cheese, rice, potatoes and oatmeal in different variations to keep it interesting! Try mixing a pound of hamburger meat, cooked and crumbled along with mashed carrots and green beans, a couple of boiled eggs and some cottage cheese for flavor. If you need to thicken any of your dog food simply add a little plain oatmeal or mashed potato flakes to soak up excess liquids and add a little more consistency to the food. These are ingredients you may already have in your kitchen or may even be leftovers from your own dinners. Depending on the size of your dog, you can package the meals individually and freeze them until meal time so they are warm and fresh for each meal time!

Another wonderful recipe your dog may like is also from things you already have at home, perhaps from your own leftovers. This great tasting casserole (of sorts) is cheap and easy to make. Begin with about a couple cups of chicken or salmon and add cooked brown or white rice, one cup of cooked mixed vegetables and some unsalted chicken broth. Mix everything together really well and divide the mixture into feeding sized portions to freeze and serve later. You may want to use some kind of zippered baggies so the meals do not get freezer burn. Refrigerated dog food will last approximately three days so if you think it may be longer please freeze it to keep it from going to waste. As you read through the hundreds of dog food recipes available to you, it is likely that you will want to try some things on your own. As you read more and more recipes for your dog you will see some things that run consistently.

One of the things you will see repeated again and again in recipes for dog food is that refrigerated food will only last about three days. When you are in doubt, freeze the food in a zippered baggie and freeze it until you need it. Thaw it by putting it in the refrigerator or dropping the baggie into a pan of warm water to thaw it faster. If you find that your food is too thin or watery you can add rice, bread or mashed potato flakes to absorb the excess liquid. If your dog food is too thick you can add water, gravy, baby food vegetables or unsalted broth to loosen it up and get it to the consistency your dog prefers. If you ever make a recipe your dog isn’t too crazy about, try adding peanut butter and serve it again to see if it changes his mind. Most dogs love peanut butter and it can add additional flavor to almost any concoction.

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