Should you be making Your Own Dog food?

Narrated from: Dog Nutrition

If you have ever considered making your own dog food for your pet, this is a must read article! There are many myths surrounding what dogs can and cannot eat safely so let us explore what the pros and cons are of making it yourself. If you decide to make your own dog food, you will find many dog food recipes to choose from and you can learn to mix and match your dog’s favorites as you go. You must first understand that abrupt changes in the foods your dog eats can cause stomach upset, so with commercially prepared food or that straight from your kitchen you will want to make changes very gradually. You must first consider the time it takes to make homemade dog food. Also consider the time it takes you to get to the store to buy his food and if you are, like most dog owners, likely to pick up other things while you are there such as toys and things you may not need. Calculate the gas you use to get to the store that provides the food you are currently using.

The next thing to consider is the amount of money it will cost to make your own dog food. If you are a savvy shopper, making your own can be cheaper but if you are not, making dog food can be more expensive than the premium foods sold commercially for dogs. You can be certain, however, that dog food recalls will not be a problem for your furry friend! If you choose to make your own dog food, you will need to remain very conscious of your ingredients and watch your pup carefully to make sure you see no signs of allergies. On the good side, you have the ability to easily remove things from his diet that cause itching, which is the first sign of an allergy, and make sure he does not get that ingredient again. Additionally, you know that you are putting things in your dog that are good for him and that have no artificial colors or additives. Making your own dog food allows you the freedom to make health conscious decisions about what your dog eats.

More and more pet owners are making their own dog food and enjoying the benefits. You have the ability to add more protein for a dog with a lack-luster coat, add anti-inflammatory foods that will help the arthritic dog or even add more calcium to your dog’s diet if his genetic make-up makes him more prone to rickets or hip dysplasia. You can also keep your dog leaner and healthier than commercially prepared foods can. You can even choose a vegetarian diet for your dog! It is hard to disagree that homemade foods are fresher and a more nutritionally sound diet for your pets. There are no magical ingredients or foods that will be perfect for every dog or every pet owner. Each dog is an individual just like humans and we all have special requirements. However, it is always advisable to speak with your veterinarian when you are considering making homemade foods for your pet.

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