The NEW AND IMPROVED greyhound racing – go amateur!

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You may have heard that the sport of greyhound racing is going through some tough times. Many tracks have been closed all over the USA and the UK, and the profits have been on the decline for several years now.

To some degree this is due to the severe world economic crisis – however, the crucial blow was dealt by raised public awareness about the way racing greyhounds are treated by this money-hungry industry. Sufficient to say – it is unspeakable.

As it turns out though, in certain circles the popularity of greyhound racing has increased enormously – but that has nothing to do with professional racing!

In the USA alone, nearly 300 000 greyhounds were saved from certain death through adoption. These dogs, deemed too old or too slow to race, were to be retired from the racing track – usually with a shovel in a backyard.

However, their new owners found out that greyhounds can never be accused of lacking in eagerness. Each racing hound has a natural urge to run, and extensive training has honed these dogs’ instincts into a strong racing drive.

So, the new greyhound racing is AMATEUR

In many countries, amateur dog races are gaining the upper hand against professionally run events. In larger events, it is hard to spot the difference between professional and amateur dog racing – at least at first glance. The dogs are equipped with muzzles and blankets, they start from little boxes, and a lure is used to drive them on. Sure, there are many more dog breeds allowed, and dogs which wouldn’t cut it on the professional track get a chance to run.

However, the main difference lies in one thing – these races are organized not for profit, but for fun. Sure, hardcore gamblers will be disappointed – but not the greyhounds, who are greeted by their loving owners at the end of their races.

After all, dog sports should be fun for both humans and dogs – thus amateur racing dogs are the new winners!

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