The amazing health benefits of owning a dog!

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If you are reading this site, then you probably already know what a pleasure it is to have a dog in your life.

However, few people realize that pets are actually good for your health. Many surveys have shown that dog owners actually live in a healthier and happier way than dogless people!

Of course, this is no supernatural phenomenon – hanging out with a dog just has a lot of hidden benefits, which many people simply are not aware of. Let’s review:

Lose some weight

Very few people actually enjoy going to the gym – for many of us this is just a debt we owe to our bodies. Some people are fond of sports – but rarely have time to practice them.

However, with a dog by your side exercise becomes a part of the daily routine – and as you do not notice it, it is not a burden anymore!

Taking a daily stroll with the dog is simply a must, and who could resist playing fetch or scuffling with a grinning canine that begs you for a game or two before going home?

Also, with some dogs, the simple action of bathing can turn into an all-out war, including below-the-waist wrestling and a free running session around the house.

And of course, some of the regular exercise, like biking or jogging, is much more fun when the canine joins you.

As a result, many dog-owners achieve their healthy weight with no slimming diet at all!

Don’t be nervous

Stress is one of the plagues of modern society. It is bad for your health, but quite hard to avoid unless you blow your top and leave the city altogether.

However, canine companions are one of the greatest stress-relievers known to science. It has been determined that when you’re troubled, having a dog by your side is often more relieving than sharing all your woes with a sympathetic friend or even your spouse.

You know: dogs never criticize you.

Blood pressure within the charts

Blood pressure is both a symptom and a cause for many health problems.

You all know what a great experience it is to pet a dog – but you probably don’t realize that each stroke reduces your blood pressure. It has been determined that people owning dogs or cats have much lower blood pressure than people taking drugs and other special medication.

Save your children from allergies

Many people connect dogs – and any furry animal for that matter! – with irksome allergies which can affect one’s health.

However, research has shown that having a dog in the house actually decreases the chances of your children developing an allergy! It is generally believed that children are vulnerable to allergies, and many dogs are forced out of the house once a baby is born. Some scientists have proven the contrary though – having a dog in the house strengthens the child’s immune system, and the child is less likely to develop a pet allergy in the following years!

Meet other people

Dogs are also a means of socialization. People often have a particular passion they love to rave about – and luckily for every dog-lover, this particular passion is shared by more than 38% of the population! Taking a walk with the dog provides you with countless opportunities for a chat with complete strangers – about each other’s dogs of course!

Keep that smile!

To summarize – owning a dog makes one happy.

Scientifically, playing with a dog increases the levels of serotonin and dopamine in your body. These are nerve transmitters, which have calming and pleasurable properties. Some people actually take drugs to achieve the very same effect.

But who needs drugs when you can just hug a dog?

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