Creepy dog eyes in the photo?

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When you take a picture of your dog, you will probably be faced with a problem – your dog looks as if it is possessed by demons! That shouldn’t be a problem if you have secretly dreamt of owning a genuine hellhound of your own – but you might be quite irritated if you just wanted to boast about your puppy’s beautiful brown eyes!

What is this strange and sort of frightening effect due to?

Well, it’s all biology!

People’s eyes also come out red in a photo: that is due to the flash reflected in blood rich vessels behind the retina. With pets the effect is quite different though.

You see, dogs’ eyes are different from human eyes; that is why your dog (or cat for that matter) would have creepy eyes even if people’s eyes come out normally in the same picture.

Many animals have a reflective layer behind their retina; it actually acts like a mirror. So, the creepy glow you see is simply a reflection of the flash you are using when you take the picture. There are cameras that are supposed to avoid such effects – but they are mainly designed for human photos and the automatic tools don’t work with dog eyes.

How to avoid “creepy eyes”?

The best way to prevent the “creepy eyes” effect is to avoid using flash at all. Another useful trick is pointing the flash in a different direction – it would still light the dog, but wouldn’t be reflected directly in its eyes.

If your camera does not have an adjustable flash, you could always ask someone to distract the dog – if the dog is not looking directly at the camera, its eyes should look normal once you find the right angle.

On the other hand, sometimes it is necessary to use flash – otherwise there would be no night photos of your dog! That is when photo-editing software could come in handy. There are ways to undo the creepy glow that ruins a perfect picture. You just have to load the picture into a program; Photoshop for instance. Basically, you have to use a paintbrush tool and paint over the problem area. Then you have to add effects such as glint so that the eyes look normal.

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