Dog Hairdo – not what you expected!

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This article has nothing to do with dog fashion.

It covers a weird trend in human hairstyling.

If you love your dog very much (or dogs as a whole), it turns out you can show it to the world in a very expressive manner. You can simply have a hairdo that will mimic the dog’s head!

The concept of animal shaped hairdos is not new in fashion circles, but in some reviews we have seen models on the catwalk with the “dog face shaped hairdo”. The hairdos can resemble different breeds of dogs and come in different colors. The original idea is usually attributed to the famous Japanese designer and artist Nagi Noda (1973 – 2008).

It turns out that the dog face hairdos have nothing to do with your hair. They are more like hats, but shaped from other people’s hair (one can always make a buck in the hair selling business). Still, if you are willing to invest enough in the dog face hairdo, it will look like a natural part of your hair.

However, the general result can be described as… disturbing. Sure, on its own the dog head is marvelous. At first glance it is hard to tell it is made from human hair. From some viewpoints though, the dog face hairdo seems too lifelike. The models look as if they are wearing actual severed dog heads as some sort of winter cap.
Still, the idea is quite innovative and who knows – one day it might catch on with the masses. At least it will make it easier for dog lovers to recognize each other. And some of the dog shaped hairstyles do look cute if you concentrate on the hairdo itself, and manage not to imagine bloodthirsty cannibals waving their spears at you.

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