Dog Holidays – the International Day of the Dog!

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Are you wondering whether there are actual canine holidays around the world? Well, you’d be surprised – dogs actually have several! There is National Puppy Day, Walking the Dog Day, the Take Your Dog to Work Day…

However, one of the best known dog holidays is the International Day of the Dog. 

This holiday is fun because all it requires is to do something fun with your dog! Some people just pay extra attention to their dogs and pamper them, while others do wacky stuff like parachute jumping.

However, the most important thing is to remember how important dogs are for us and how much we love and value our canine companions.

The holiday is also used to promote the idea of dog listeners – these are followers of training techniques based on positive reinforcement and actually understanding the dog’s needs and way of thinking. Shock collars, beating, yelling, etc. are considered inhumane training techniques by a growing number of experts.

The holiday was started by the woman who was first called a “dog listener” – Jan Fennell. Fennell believes that in order to be good masters, humans need to understand the way dogs think and their pack behavior. It is important for the trainer to assert his or her “alpha” status in the pack, therefore relieving the dog of the burden of leadership.

And it is celebrated on…
…the last Sunday in the month of April.

If you are interested, then do not miss this wonderful doggy holiday! It is the perfect opportunity to dress up the dog and have a fashion show, to travel somewhere, to go on a family picnic, and so on. Whatever idea you come up with, you can then share it with other dog lovers from all over the world on the International day of the Dog website!

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