Dogs CAN laugh!

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Thought you were the only one laughing when tussling on the floor with your dog? You might be wrong about that!

It has always been assumed that dogs cannot laugh. Some people believe that dogs grin, but there is actually no proof of what emotions lie behind such a grin – many behavior experts believe it is actually a sign of submission. The theory that dogs don’t show their happiness in the same way as humans was supported by none other than Charles Darwin himself.

However, a researcher from Nevada believes that she has proven that dogs CAN laugh!
It is just that their laughter is nothing like ours. Don’t expect to see a dog open its mouth and roll on the floor, clutching its belly and laughing like some monkey-based life form.
You see, dogs have more sophisticated hearing than humans – which means that for you it would be very hard to discern when your dog is laughing. It turns out that dog laughter is a form of panting.

According to the Nevada research, after a dog has played, the dog will pant in a different way if it is happy. The sound is compared to “pigs’ snorting” or the human “hah-hah” without the “a” sound. It was discovered that dogs produce this sound only during play or a friendly greeting.

So, is this the sound of a dog laughing? Well, people would say that there is no proof. It cannot be determined for sure what meaning a dog puts into this sound – but since it is certain that the dog is happy, perhaps the closest equivalent to human laughter has been discovered!

Furthermore, it was discovered that dog laughter is an invitation to play – and it works every time! If you are tired of clapping your hands and urging Fido to get up while he just lies on the floor and looks at you melancholically – then you should try imitating dog laughter! Most dogs respond to the sound by getting ready for play immediately. However, since it would be hard to imitate dog laughter correctly, you could try whispering – researchers believe that human whispering sounds like dog laughter, and often works.
So, at some point in your life you have probably asked a question that plagues many dog owner newbies: “How can I make my dog laugh?” Well, turns out you probably have made your dog laugh more than once! So the mischievous glitter in a dog’s eyes might be more than an affectionate owner’s fantasy!

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