How much does the most expensive DOG in the world cost?

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£945,000 – or over 1.5 million US dollars.

That’s a lot of money – though it was spent on a big dog.

The record was broken just recently, and the title of “most expensive dog in the world” is held by “Big Spanish”. The name is no coincidence – Big Spanish is a Red Tibetan Mastiff. Basically, this means that when Big grows up, he will weigh about 64 to 82 kg – though a member of the same breed once reached 130 kg, that being the weight of a fully fledged rugby player!

So, what is so significant about Big Spanish? Well, nothing and everything. You see, Big Spanish is not some special pup; he just belongs to a very special breed. The Red Tibetan Mastiff is one of the oldest dog breeds in the world – these dogs diverged genetically from their wolf predecessors more than 56,000 years ago (while most dog breeds have a puny history of just 42,000 years).

Right now, the Red Tibetan Mastiff is red hot in China. The breed has long been celebrated in the region, being considered “pure Chinese”. Tibetan Mastiffs are holy dogs, and red being a lucky color just adds to the glamour – a Red Tibetan Mastiff is supposed to bring good fortune to his owner’s hearth.

So, now owning a Tibetan Mastiff has become a must for the wealthiest circles in China. Forget about cars, jewels or houses – Red Tibetan Mastiffs are the way to go! And it is no surprise that a rich coal industrialist from Northern China wished to add his name to the long and illustrious line of people that have owned Tibetan Mastiffs – that list includes none other than Lord Buddha and Genghis Khan (though the latter actually owned 30,000 fighting Tibetan Mastiffs which he used in his military campaigns). 1.5 million dollars might seem a hefty ptice, but that’s prestige for you – and besides, it might turn out to be a wise investment, as a purebred Tibetan Mastiff is quite a prestigious mating partner, and a session with Big Spanish could cost as much as 15,000 dollars! Big Spanish would have some good times until his master gets full return on his investment, there’s no doubt about that…

So, is a Tibetan Mastiff worth 1.5 million dollars? Well, probably not – no doubt, soon fashion will have its due and the Tibetan Mastiffs’ price would go sky high once more!

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