Laughing therapy - now for DOGS too!

Narrated from: Curious Dog Facts

Did you know that your dog can laugh?

A lot of people make fun of dog owner newbies who ask the question: “How can I make my dog laugh?” The usual answer is “Dogs can’t laugh, dummy!”

Well, you can stop laughing now – it turns out that dogs can laugh!

The sound of dog laughter has been recorded – it is a sort of panting, but with a distinctive difference in that makes it resemble a human s “hah-hah” without the “a”. Dogs only make that distinctive sound when they are playing, or during a friendly greeting. If you listen to your own dog closely, you will probably come to know when your dog is laughing.
Another important experiment was run soon after dog laughter was discovered – the recorded sound of a laughing dog was played in a dog shelter. It was thus proven that laughing therapy is possible with dogs too! The sound of dog laughter calms and sooths other dogs!

You see, before the recording was played, all dogs were barking incessantly. Other recordings of sounds made by dogs were played, but with no visible effect. However, when dog laughter was introduced, all dogs were calm and quiet within a minute!
Of course, a lot of further research is required, but still this might prove to be an important breakthrough for animal shelters and dog kennels – and for the average dog owner of course.

Researchers also claim that the sound of dog laughter is an invitation for play. If you are able to imitate the sound, your dog might be up and ready almost immediately! It is also widely believed that the sound of human whispering has a close enough resemblance to dog laughter, so you might try that too.

If your dog is depressed or nervous, then do not hesitate to try this new approach – get a recording of dog laughter! Laughing therapy works well enough with humans, and now laughter can be heard in dog language as well!

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