There is a Take Your Dog to Work Day!!!

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You’ve probably heard of the ‘Take your son/daughter to work’ incentives. However, did you know that your pooch can see where you work too?

The Take Your Dog to Work Day is a surprisingly popular annual holiday, started by Pet Sitters International way back in 1996. Dogs get to go to work with their masters, and see why their beloved human companions have to abandon them each day.

This may sound like a recipe for disaster, but studies actually show that having a dog in the workplace can boost the owner’s productivity – positive energy anyone? Stay positive!


Well, Take Your Dog to Work Day is on a different day every year, so you will need to check the calendar. It is always held on a Friday towards the end of sunny June, usually just after Father’s Day. In 2012, it will be held on June 22.

Can I really take my dog to work?

Sure you can – but this should be coordinated with the boss, since this wonderful holiday still isn’t recognized by everyone.

However, a surprisingly high number of employers actually like the incentive and make their companies part of it. During the first Take Your Dog to Work Day, in 1999, there were 300 participant firms all over the UK. By 2004, there were 10 000 companies from all over the world!

Even if your company is not part of the project, you can mention it to your boss. There is a lot of positive feedback from participating companies, and besides - Take Your Dog to Work Day is not only great fun for all the employees, but a social incentive showing the serious community involvement of the hosting company.

Safety first

Still, it wouldn’t be wise to bring the dog to work without some precautions – even the best-behaved dog can be overwhelmed by excitement!

Here are some tips for preparing your dog for the event:

- bathe and groom the dog – this will not only improve his/her appearance, but will also have a calming effect.

- if you have time, play with your dog before work. A tired, happy dog is less likely to run amok in the office! Belly rubs and other relaxing techniques should also be applied.

- think of the dog’s safety! Remove all poisonous plants from your office, and anything that might fall on the dog, or hurt him/her in any way. Remember – dogs love to chew stuff!

- do not take the dog to co-workers who have not expressed a desire to meet him/her. Some people just don’t like dogs, while others might be allergic.

- take all the necessary supplies to your office. Be prepared with doggy treats, sufficient amounts of dog food, and a toy or two to distract the dog. Plan feeding and watering the dog carefully, since an overexcited canine might get carried away and forget to eat altogether.

- last but not least – have an exit strategy! The working environment just doesn’t agree with some dogs.

The purpose of the holiday

Take Your Dog to Work Day might seem like a random fun incentive – but it’s not. The real purpose of the holiday is to remind people of the unsurpassed joy that the bond between a human and a canine brings to both parties.

The hope of the organizers is that humans, still unaware of the joy a dog would bring to their lives, would be encouraged to adopt a puppy or a neglected dog from local animal shelters and rescue groups. There are a lot of dogs out there without a human, and they just need someone who would open their heart for them!

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