What kind of music does your dog like? No rock - go classic please!

Narrated from: Curious Dog Facts

You probably prefer some kinds of music over others. Humans are unique with their attachment to different kinds of music – some people would argue that this is one of the things that separate us from the animal kingdom.

However, you may have noticed that your dog reacts differently to different kinds of music. It turns out that dogs prefer some kinds of music to others!

Several research institutes have tried to find out what kind of music dogs prefer. The results were more or less similar.

Most dogs are roused and agitated by loud, screaming kinds of music – heavy metal, rock and so on. In most cases, the dog is just irritated by the sound – dogs have sensitive hearing, you know. So, the dog starts to bark, and sometimes to jump around the room. Seeing that, many people would believe that the dog is simply enjoying the music and “partying”. However, in most cases they would be mistaken, and their dog would actually be unhappy and stressed.

Still, dogs have individual preferences as well. Some dogs might actually enjoy rock n’ roll. There is a simple way to check that – when you turn on the TV or the stereo, leave the door open. The dog will leave on its own accord if it is not happy with your music taste.

According to the research, dogs respond best to classical music. It relaxes them and calms them down. Some animal shelters have already adopted the practice of playing classical music to dogs – and as a result, they become more relaxed and bark less.

You could try the same approach in your house, especially if your dog is having stress problems – don’t frown, many dogs actually have problems with stress, more often than not due to their strong affection towards humans.

So, browse the channels, check the radio, or play some classics to your dog and see the results. If your dog is happy, you might even try to find some of the “dog song” CDs.  It turns out that record companies have already released song compilations that are especially soothing for dogs. Most compilations of this kind include classical music, slow songs and sometimes different kinds of relaxing background noises such as dog barking, human conversation and bird sounds.

Still, the best way to learn which songs your dog likes is to observe the dog when you turn up the volume. Read your dog’s body language, and sooner, rather than later, you will find the songs that you and your companion may enjoy together!

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