World records falling - the most expensive DOGS!

Narrated from: Curious Dog Facts

In recent years, dog prices have gone to the dogs! The record for “most expensive dog in the world” gets broken more and more rapidly even through the recent economic crisis!

The spending spree was started by two Americans in 2009. A Florida couple became the proud owners of the first ever commercially cloned dog – but that was a costly procedure.
The couple wanted a clone of their beloved pet Lancelot, and they were able to provide genetic samples taken years ago. They had to go to an auction, and the procedure was carried by a California based company which employed the Korean Sooam Biotech Research Foundation to recreate Lancelot.

The cloning was a success and the Florida couple gladly welcomed Lancelot Encore home, as he was the living image of his predecessor. However, the entire procedure cost them… $155,000.

That’s a lot of money for a dog. However, soon after that the record was broken! A Chinese millionaire known simply as Ms. Wang went to a province searching for a suitable dog with which to breed her own Tibetan Mastiff. However, when she discovered a black Tibetan Mastiff pup, she decided she just had to have him! However, since her fortune was no great secret, in the end she had to pay $582,000 for the pup (who was later named Yangtze River Number 2).

That is three times over the price paid earlier for cloned Lancelot!

Two years later, the record falls once more… and again in China, and again for a Tibetan Mastiff! This time there is no love at first sight – just a wealthy Chinese coal industrialist who wanted to be stylish and obtain the best Tibetan Mastiff available. The breeders charged him no less than 1.5 million dollars! So, “Big Spanish” is proudly departing for China, carrying the title “most expensive dog in the world” – but for how long? If economists needed an example of hyperinflation, they need look no further than the Tibetan Mastiff market!

Who will be the next to break the record? Nobody knows. But the world economy definitely has to recover from the global crisis if it wants to keep up with Tibetan prices!

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