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Quite often a dog’s character is determined by the breed – yet, all pet owners know that a lot depends on the dog’s individuality as well.

Many people believe that one’s personality is influenced by the position of the stars – and since dogs are a man’s best friend, don’t they get horoscopes as well?

The answer is yes – dogs can have their own horoscope! If you want your dog’s horoscope to be accurate, you would have to know the exact birth date of the dog; yet, as much as with people, the dog’s character can be roughly determined by the zodiac sign!

Aries dogs (21.03-19.04)

These dogs are born under the influence of planet Mars. Aries dogs are “leaders of the pack”; these dogs are energetic, active and often cause trouble. Training an Aries dog is always a challenge, since they tend to get bored with routine; on the other hand, Aries dogs are fast learners. Aries dogs often disobey and refuse to accept your authority, but they are good-natured and never hold a grudge. These dogs are also very determined – it’s really a challenge to cross an Aries dog!

People under the zodiac signs of Leo or Sagittarius are considered best suited for Aries dogs.

Taurus dogs (20.04-20.05)

A Taurus dog’s planet is Venus. These dogs are often less active, sometimes to the point of laziness. They are shy and that is why a Taurus dog might appear difficult to train – you have to make sure the dog feels secure! If you are looking for loyalty and devotion, a Taurus dog is the answer for you. A drawback is that Taurus dogs tend to get possessive – but that’s love for you. Taurus dogs are not fast thinkers, but they are reliable, steadfast and, alas – quite stubborn. Unfortunately, Taurus dogs often get the idea they are good singers – when they are not.

People best suited for Taurus dogs are Capricorn, Virgo and Cancer.

Gemini dogs (21.05-20.06)

Gemini’s planet is Mercury. The real challenge with Gemini dogs is training – these dogs can develop various personality traits, and much depends on you and the training you provide. Generally, Gemini dogs are considered to be expressive and energetic to the point of hyperactivity. These dogs are very curious and need constant attention and entertainment. They also tend to be very creative, especially when they match wits with you.

Aquarius people tend to accept the hyperactivity of a Gemini dog, and Leo people are good in exerting authority and moderating the dog’s behavior.

Cancer dogs (21.06-22.07)

Cancer is a water sign. The color is orange-yellow.

Cancer dogs love the water in all its forms. They would often be the first to jump into the sea. These dogs are very sensitive, and can become closely attached to a person (or a squeaky toy – throwing out a Cancer dog’s favorite toy is never a good idea). Cancer dogs are often described as moody and restless – lunar shifts often affect them. Also, these dogs often need reassurance, since it is easy to get them put out.
Pisces and Scorpio are the best people for Cancer dogs.

Leo dogs (23.07-22.08)

Leo dogs are fiery in nature and influenced by the sun. They are energetic, expressive and bright dogs – but difficult to control. Leo dogs often want to be in charge – and you have to be careful, for a Leo dog will often decide you are just a servant. Training a Leo puppy to know its place is very important. On the other hand, Leo dogs are often praised for their deep loyalty, honor and bravery. Leo dogs make very good guard dogs – but they do have a secret weakness; they are often afraid of cats!
People suited for handling a Leo dog are Aries and Sagittarius.

Virgo dogs (23.08-22.09)

Virgo’s planet is Mercury; these are earth dogs, so watch the digging – might turn into a problem, for Virgo dogs can find dinosaur bones when they in a digging mood! Generally, Virgo dogs are very helpful and perfectly suited for the role of pets. They are happy when they are doing something for “The Master”. On the other hand, a Virgo’s loyalty is often strained around small children – those dogs just don’t respond well to hair-pulling and so on.

Capricorn and Taurus people tend to get on well with Virgo dogs.

Libra dogs (23.09-22.10)

Libra dogs are born under the influence of Venus. Libra dogs generally seem lazy, since they love the couch – in truth, they are slow thinkers and like to consider matters thoroughly before they do anything at all. A Libra dog needs a lot of affection and love – but returns it with interest. In training, Libra dogs respond best to a personal approach; they are strong individuals and don’t like other dogs in “their” house. A Libra dog might not seem as domineering as a Leo or an Aries, but these dogs tend to get what they want; actually, Libra dogs are very democratic - they consider themselves your rightful equal!

A Leo person may handle the dog more strictly, while Aquarius and Gemini are best suited for its character.

Scorpio dogs (23.10-22.11)

Scorpio’s planet is Pluto. These dogs could be a person’s best friend – or a worst enemy. They love and hate with equal passion, and don’t forget when they are hurt or slighted. On the other hand, if you manage a Scorpio dog well, it will repay you with love and loyalty. Scorpio dogs are usually very athletic and tough; they also have a strong urge for power, but usually have good self-control. Scorpio dogs are notorious hoarders, so if things start disappearing in the house – track the dog!

The trick in managing a Scorpio dog is not to exert authority over it all the time – though that is important. You have to understand the nature of a Scorpio dog, and another Scorpio is best suited for the task; however, Cancer and Aries people also bond well with these dogs.

Sagittarius dogs (23.11-22.12)

These dogs are born under the planet Jupiter. They are active, curious and energetic. Sagittarius dogs are considered cheerful and good-humored, their life philosophy often summarized by “Hakuna Matata!” However, Sagittarius dogs can be problematic, since they don’t always bond well with humans and prefer to remain independent; this is combined with a strong love for the great outdoors! Sagittarius dogs tend to injure themselves while exploring the wonders of the world, but if trained properly they learn quite a few tricks!

Aries and Sagittarius people would make the best match for these dogs.

Capricorn dogs (23.12-19.01)

Capricorn’s planet is Saturn. Capricorn dogs are rather vain and make good show dogs. They love to be admired and would do anything to win your love. These dogs are considered to be social climbers of sorts and always strive for perfection; a curious detail is that they judge you by the clothes you are wearing – if you are dressed in your best clothes, a Capricorn dog will try to please you all the more.
Taurus, Virgo, and Libra people are good partners for Capricorn dogs, but another Capricorn would do just as nicely.

Aquarius dogs (20.01-19.02)

The planet Uranus rules over Aquarius dogs. These dogs are determined to know everything about anything – they are quite thorough and stubborn and could drive you crazy! These dogs are very good learners, once you convince them of the necessity of accepting your training. Aquarius dogs are very creative and independent, and also a little peculiar among dogs, which makes them capable of great mischief.
Gemini and Libra people bond quite well with Aquarius dogs.

Pisces dogs (20.02-20.03)

Pisces dogs are influenced by the planet Neptune, and as the name suggests, they love water. They are not considered the most intelligent of dogs, but can excel in water sports. They are also very sensitive, which makes their moods quite unpredictable. Generally, Pisces dogs are charming and very loving.

Scorpio and Cancer people would get along with Pisces dogs just fine.

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