Kate Middleton and the earring accident

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(WARNING: dog poo involved!)

You probably know who Kate Middleton is – she is all over the news as she has just married a prince!

However, what you may not know is that Kate has a dog – an adorable cocker spaniel called Otto. Otto looks cute and innocent, with his dark eyes and midnight fur – however, he is already up for the task of being a Royal Dog!

You see, Otto has quite exquisite tastes – and he loves to dine on earrings.

Apparently, not long ago the not-so-innocent Otto decided to relieve his hunger by eating a pair of Kate’s earrings – and with a beloved canine’s impeccable intuition he managed to choose a very special set of earrings. First of all, the earrings were pearl, which for a lady is quite precious; but the worst thing is that these earrings were a special gift for Kate’s 28th birthday by none other than Prince William himself!

So, Kate had to take Otto for a walk and wait for the earrings to come out “naturally”. Well, we all have to clean up after our dogs anyway.

The pearl earrings did come out. However, being a dog involves a strong tendency to chew stuff and Otto apparently managed to cause quite a lot of damage! The earrings were all chewed up, and it is hard to tell if they were beyond repair – but Kate obviously wouldn’t be using them again since they had to be uncovered from a pile of dog poo…

However, Otto got lucky – apparently Prince William wouldn’t hold a grudge over a pair of earrings. The Prince looked at the accident from the funny side, as dog lovers usually do.

Quite an interesting story, right? The funny thing is, that to this day, it is still unknown if Otto actually exists, or if the “earring accident” was just a piece of tabloid hype, and everything – even the black spaniel pictures that circulated the net – was fake.

However, there is a moral to this story – keep your earrings safe in the jewelry box. In real life, they can be quite dangerous for a nosy dog!

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