Canine heroes dial 911!

Narrated from: Dog Stories

You’ve probably heard urban legends of pets actually dialing 911 to save a passed out owner? Well, it is no legend – there are actually a number of cases in which dogs and cats have saved the day using the awesome powers of the phone!

Buddy (2008)

You can always count on your best buddy – especially if he is a dog named Buddy! Joe Stainaker can confirm that, as when he collapsed at home with a seizure, his dog – only one and a half years old! – reacted immediately. Buddy knocked down the phone, speed-dialed 911 and when the operator picked up, started barking loudly. Of course, a squad was sent to investigate what was going on – and saved Stainaker!

However, calling what Buddy did a miracle hardly does him justice – in fact, Buddy did nothing extraordinary, but only followed his training. You see, Joe Stainaker was a police officer, and Buddy was a specially trained assistance dog – and a German Shepherd besides. So, when his partner collapsed, Buddy just acted like a pro and followed the standard procedure!

Lyric (1996)

Lyric was another trained dog, though she lacked the police connections of Buddy. Lyric was an Irish Setter, and had to act quickly when Judy Bayly’s breathing machine stopped working. Lyric tried to wake Judy, but without success – then her dog used a speed-dial button to call 911. By the time help arrived, Bayly was already in the middle of a full-blown asthma attack – but after she was saved she managed to catch her breath and to call her dog a true “guardian angel”.

Belle (2006)

Well, beagles are known as excellent hunting dogs – and trouble waiting to happen in a cramped apartment. However, some beagles also know how to use cellphones!

When Belle’s owner fell into a diabetic seizure, Belle acted immediately – she bit into his cellphone, hit the “9” button and called 911. Kevin Weaver was rushed into hospital, and saved before he fell into coma.

Bella (2010)

Belle’s namesake, Bella, responded to a “touch” command from her owner Jim Shapiro, and hit a special pedal on the telephone programmed to notify the hospital emergency department. And just in time, because Shapiro was having a heart attack, and couldn’t even move!


Well, this tiny Yorkie is something of a legend – if the story is true, Cossette was owned by a former model, who after a car accident acquired a number of health problems – including her heart stopping while she slept! Cossette was trained to detect a failing heart by the sound, and learned to dial 9-1-1 (no speed-dials here!) from any phone – and managed to use this knowledge more than 30 times, each of them a life or death situation! 

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