Dog in the jaws of the alligator

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Dogs are famous for saving humans – that’s what they do. However, sometimes the tables are turned, and humans are the ones who have to do the rescuing!

However, this is no easy task, especially in Florida – you’ve all heard of Florida, haven’t you? The awesome state where people have to cope not only with cockroaches, but also with alligator infestations?

So, imagine that you are living in Palm City – Florida. A quiet, suburban place. Imagine now that you are working on a boat – yes, you have a boat! Furthermore, you have a dog – a West Highland Terrier. Do you know the breed? Smallish fellows from Scotland, cute as a button, but rather spirited as well!

So, you are calmly working on the boat, while Doogie (that’s YOUR dog) is playing by nearby marshland – nothing special, there is marshland everywhere. Then, suddenly, you hear a yelp, you turn – and see your dog in an alligator’s jaws!

What do you do?

What do you do???

Oh, forgot to mention – you are 72 years old.

Now that you know you’re a senior, it’s quite obvious what you must do – jump the alligator of course!

Joking aside, 72 year old Gary Murphy jumped over a rope barrier, landed on the alligator’s back and punched him in the head. This proved sufficient to startle the reptile, as it released the dog and slid back into the water, obviously traumatized. As it turned out, the accident happened during gator mating season, so not all alligators were right in the head.

Doogie was taken to the hospital with severe injuries to his liver and a lung, but later on the vet said that he would survive.

The brave owner had this to say to the media:
“I wasn’t trying to be a hero; I just wanted my dog back.”

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