Dog uses cellphone to save owner

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Dogs can be surprisingly resourceful where a loved one is concerned – many dogs have alerted neighbors that their owner is not well by barking, and some of the brightest canines have even managed to dial 911 and attract attention to their home (true story!).

However, there is a problem – in the world we live in, easy-to-dial home phones are quickly becoming a thing of the past, getting completely replaced by mobile technology.

Well, it turns out that dogs keep up with the times too!

A dog called Belle even traveled to Washington to receive the VITA Wireless Samaritan Award – that is a reward given to those who have used a mobile phone to save a life, prevent a crime or help in an emergency.

Of course, Belle is the first canine honored with this award – at least for now.

You see, Belle’s owner Kevin Weaver is a diabetic, and suffered a seizure in his home. Belle immediately sensed something was wrong – and fortunately, she was trained just for such emergencies. She ran for Kevin’s cell phone, and bit it hard – pressing the button 9, which was programmed to speed dial 911.

Kevin Weaver was taken to the hospital, and his life was saved. His blood sugar had dropped dangerously low, and he probably wouldn’t be alive if it hadn’t been for Belle!

So, as you see, dogs can truly do amazing things – all it takes is a little training. And who says dogs can’t learn new tricks?

Of course, with the speed with which modern technology changes, nobody knows what the next thing will be that canine heroes have to learn – who knows, the dogs of tomorrow might be sending telepathic messages to 911!

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