A dog’s story: the taxi dog

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Many people consider dogs to be no more than mute beasts – however, quite often our canine compatriots can be just as eccentric as humans!

Just recently I was told about a dog that enjoyed taking a cab now and then.

The taxi driver told me how, during the summer, he left his car open and went to the nearby store (yes, I live in a relatively small town; it takes more than ten minutes for a car to get jacked). When said driver got back, he found a dog waiting in the car.

Now, I am not sure what complicated negotiations took place then, and I am sure that the body language of both parties was a sight to behold. The version I heard stands like this: “I tried to get it out of the car and it “rrr”-ed at me.”

Having a dog on the backseat is most certainly a bad thing for business. One can imagine what went through the head of our poor taxi driver. However, finally an idea struck him out of the blue, so he went into the car, started it and made a quick circle. He stopped at the same place, but this time when he opened the back door the dog obediently got down, wagged its tail and licked his hand.

Said dog became a regular client of this very taxi. It would hang around it (probably mark it when the driver wasn’t looking), and every day or two it got a five minute ride.

The driver claimed he was rather pleased with the company, and the dog became very fond of both him and the car.

Of course, this became a problem when the dog decided it was its sworn duty to protect the car from intruders – which, in this case, included every potential customer! However, the driver said that when barking at customers became a habit, he got out of the car and “had a little chat” with the dog.

And, surprisingly – it worked. The dog ceased to protect the car from customers.

And still it would come every once in a while, to hitch a ride and wag its tail.

True story? No idea, actually – might’ve been just a fable, told to me by a bored taxi driver.

However, I can imagine a dog coming to one specific car every day – just because it enjoyed riding. Might be a roaming pet, might be a bold stray – there really isn’t that big a difference between ladies and tramps.

So, the moral of the story – a dog can be just as peculiar as any person out there. And cheers to that.

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