In Russia dogs shoot you

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Sadly, this is no joke – just recently a hunter was shot dead by a dog.

The Russian was part of a group of friends going hunting. They were traveling in a jeep over a bumpy road, and on the back seat there were two men and the dog of one of the hunters – a Jagdterrier named Felix.

The car was very unstable, and after it passed over a large bump, the dog accidentally hit the trigger of his owner’s gun. Apparently the hunter had forgotten to put the safety catch on, or the gun just misfired – but as result, the driver was fatally shot in the head, and nothing could be done to save him.

Of course, the dog was in no way considered guilty, and his owner will be put on trial for inadvertent murder.

This isn’t the first case of a canine shooting a hunter – not long ago, while duck-hunting, a hunter in Utah left his dog in the boat while he went to retrieve some ducks. While he was in the water, the dog apparently "did something to make the gun discharge", shooting his master.

Fortunately, in this case the man was hit in the buttocks, and survived the incident with only his dignity suffering severe injuries.

It may seem that some dogs, more intelligent than average, might be taking advantage of firearms and assaulting their masters – however, firearms really aren’t something a dog could possibly understand. Most clearly such an incident was depicted in an old movie called “The Plague Dogs”. Two dogs were being hunted in a valley, as it was believed that they were plague-carriers, and everyone in the region was scared out of their wits. The media was out to get the dogs, describing them as vile, rabid fiends.

However, one of the hunters actually met one of the dogs, and noticed that the fellow was really frightened, and didn’t look rabid at all. He put his gun aside and called the dog, and the dog ran to him, believing that it had finally found a loving soul. Unfortunately, when it jumped to lick the man, in stepped on the gun’s trigger, thus killing the kind hunter.

Of course, by the following morning it was believed that the dog had intentionally shot the man – even though such a thing could never happen.

The moral is that you should always safeguard your house if you have a canine companion – dogs just don’t understand many of the wonders of the human world!

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