Lassie in the well – the great dolphin rescue

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Dogs are quite famous with rescuing children who have fallen down a well – or anywhere in fact. Whenever a human is in peril, no matter what age and sex, then a canine is bound to leap to the rescue!

But what happens when the tables are turned, and the canine is the one in peril?

Such a fate befell Turbo, an 80-pound Doberman from Florida.

The rather formidable dog decided to have an adventure of his own and escaped from his home on Marco Island – and didn’t come back in the next 15 hours. His owners were terrified, and immediately set out searching for him and putting “gone missing” posters in the neighborhood.

In a seemingly unrelated story, a couple who had gone out fishing was startled by a curious sight. When they reached the nearby canal, they saw dolphins swimming there – and that was highly unusual. What was even more unusual was the behavior of the dolphins – they were jumping and splashing in the water, as if trying to signal something!

The D’Alessandro family quickly went to investigate, and at their astonishment found out that the dolphins were keeping watch over a dog which had fallen in the water!

That was the unfortunate Turbo – the Doberman had fallen into the canal, and couldn’t climb out because of the several-feet-high wall around it. The dog was dog tired from swimming, and only survived because he had found a sandbar to stay on, already half-submerged by the time the D’Alessandro family found him.

However, Turbo was in no real danger, since the dolphins were keeping watch over him – and they may have even been the ones who had pushed the sandbar towards him in the first place!
Turbo was successfully rescued, and happily reunited with his worried owners.

So, as you see, even if Lassie does end up in the well, new heroes must step up to save the day. And whether it dolphins, humans, other canines or crocodiles doing the saving doesn’t really matter – for saving another living creature’s life is one of the things that should remind us that we must value all of the beautiful creatures that share this unique world of ours!

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