When it is Time to Bring Home a New Dog Please Consider Adoption

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Finding the right pet for your family is not usually an easy thing to do. The right one for you is not necessarily the right one for another family. Purchasing a new pooch can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. When the time comes to pick out a dog or puppy please consider visiting the pounds and shelters in your local area. You will be very surprised to find out what they have to offer! You can find dogs of all ages and all sizes. They have small dogs and large dogs to choose from. Puppies will require a lot of time to housebreak and obedience train while an older dog may already be trained, at least to some extent. Puppies will require all of their shots and they will inevitably go through their chewing stage which can be very destructive.

As you try and sort out all of your options a visit to the local shelter may be just the place to get started. You can see many different sizes, ages and coat types. You will find bouncy active dogs and playful puppies. You will also find gentler, calmer dogs that may make the perfect companion for you. Be sure and take your family so everyone can meet the available dogs. Go often because the selection changes daily. While you may find the dog that just steals your heart, spend time with him or her and make sure your personalities match. If you live a sedentary life style, pay attention to the dominant breed’s activity level, but if you are active you will want to make sure the dog or puppy you choose can keep up with you. While it may stress you out a little to leave an adorable pup at the shelter, if he’s not right for you and your family he will end up back there again in the long run anyway. By the same token if you have never owned a bully breed you may not want to take on the training schedule that will be required. They are not called “bullies” for no reason at all!

At most shelters the staff will have come to know plenty about the dogs they have. Often they can help you match a dog or puppy to your family. They know which ones are highly active and which ones would make a perfect lap dog. They are also familiar enough with pure breeds and mixes so they can make a well educated guess as to what the puppy you are interested in will grow into. Quite often they are directly involved in their rescue and recovery as well as their medical history. If they have a behavioral issue, the volunteers at the shelter will know and they can share that information with you as well.

Some other options you may want to explore are safe housing a puppy or dog or going through a specific breed rescue to find what you want. Many rescues will allow you to take a dog or puppy home and see how things work out. Even the most beautiful dog you have ever laid eyes on can be a bad match for you and your family. Part of the beauty of adopting a mix is that you will often end up with the best features of two different breeds. If you are completely stuck on one particular breed please look for a breed specific rescue to adopt from. Patience will guide you to the perfect pet for you!

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