American Bull Molosser

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Often confused with an American Pit Bull Terrier, the American Bull Molosser is another of the muscle bound breeds; the American Bull Molosser is a very alert, loyal, protective dog with a courageous attitude and a stable temperament. He can range between medium and large with a chiseled physique. This is a very strong breed of dog and he will need a strong, experienced trainer. The trainer will need to be the alpha and have the ability to show the dog who is boss in a firm and consistent way. If he is allowed he will take over the alpha position and you will have problems with him. With the right trainer and a responsible, devoted owner, the American Bull Molosser makes a wonderful pet. As with all other breeds he will need socialization from the very beginning. As he gets older, with good socialization and training he will come to naturally protect his family and his home. He prefers to be in a calm, consistent and confident home life. A firm owner who knows how to communicate with a dog and who has no problem showing the dog who is the master without physical corrections will produce a stable, well-mannered dog. He also prefers a clean, healthy environment. He will do well in an apartment as long as his need for exercise is met. A fenced yard is recommended for all breeds and this one is no exception.

Though he is considered one of the many “Pit Bull” breeds he is a very gentle natured family pet just as most Pittie breeds are. He is strong and could look intimidating as many Pit Bulls do, but with proper training and socialization he will be a stable, protective and loving pet for the entire family. He is strong willed and needs to be obedience trained at a very young age by a gentle but firm owner. At the time of the writing of this article he is not on most breed ban lists. Because of his strength and bull-headed attitude he is not recommended as a first dog for an inexperienced pet owner. If you possess experience in training, you will find him to be very responsive to your training efforts.

There are no specific health concerns with this breed as long as his energy is properly expended, his dietary needs are met with a good quality diet, and regular check-up appointments with his veterinarian are kept. Grooming is a snap with his short coat and is only needed once each month. They can have allergic reactions to different soaps and shampoos so find one that works well and stick with the same product. His nails will need to be trimmed each month and you should start this young to condition him to be relaxed when you touch his feet. You can expect approximately fourteen loving and loyal years with your American Bull Molosser. The American Bull Molosser is a wonderful breed to be used as Service Dog or in Therapy Dog work. This strong and sturdy breed is perfect for police related jobs. He will protect and serve to the death.

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