American Bulldog

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The American Bulldog is typically a very large dog and can weigh as much as 125 pounds. Much consideration must be put in to the care and cost of any breed this large. Obviously his food bills will be higher and the veterinary expenses will be too. This breed was created by humans to guard their property, their family and has a very assertive nature. He can be very gentle and loving to family members but can become very wary of strangers. For this reason you will need to socialize him more than most other breeds. The American Bulldog will surprise you with his intelligence and his sensitivity. He is likely to have a high activity level and will need plenty of exercise so apartments are not usually recommended unless you are a highly active owner who is willing to provide the amount of exercise he needs. He would work very well with a cyclist or a runner. He is not a dog that is recommended as a first time dog for an inexperienced owner. Socialization and training are key with this breed. 

The American Bulldog is a proud dog who wants nothing more than to please his owner but the instinct to protect is very strong. He will need a strong leader to keep him in check at all times. They can sometimes mistake rough play amongst kids to be a threat to their family and may spring into protection mode very quickly. They can be very calm dogs in general and if they are socialized very well when they are young they can learn to accept a life with many people around. You will need to commit to providing this dog with plenty of time and training for him to develop into a well-balanced dog later in life. This is not a breed to be taken lightly and he should never be a spontaneous decision. Keeping any of the guardian breeds should be very well planned out with a strong emphasis on socialization and training. 

They are herding dogs and guardians first and foremost. They can very easily take over the average family and become the boss if they are not firmly controlled by an experienced trainer. The American Bulldog is a very loving and attentive pet when they are trained properly but can get out of control very quickly if his owner is not a firm but gentle soul. They need a trainer with experience in consistency and structure. His trainer must outthink him and not use physical corrections. The American Bulldog will respond best to positive reinforcement. The American Bulldog needs to be challenged and entertained with both physical and intellectual tasks to keep him from becoming bored. 

The American Bulldog is completely dedicated to his human family and his focus will remain on his human pack. He is an easy care dog at grooming time needing nothing more than an occasional bath and brush out. The general description of an American Bulldog includes a large head and neck that is very muscular. They have a wide nose and powerful jaws. Their body is usually cut into perfectly defined muscles. Their very short coat can be any color. Bath time is a breeze and brushing is minimal. 

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