American Bully

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Like the other Pit Bull breeds the American Bully can look like a very intimidating breed. The American Bully has a close, short coat that is stiff to the touch, but when the dog is healthy the coat has a beautiful glossy sheen. All colors and patterns are acceptable for the show ring. His high-set ears can be cropped or not when showing; both are acceptable. His jaw is very chiseled and square. His muscles are well cut and defined. His chest is deep and broad and his legs are set far apart at the front which gives them a majestic appearance. The American Bully is a very happy dog. He is outgoing and confident. He is good-natured, very loyal, gentle and very affectionate. He must be socialized from the start so he is accustomed to as many things as possible as well as a diverse group of people.

He is a little bull-headed when it comes to training but any trainer with some experience will find that the American Bully is a quick study. If you can tell him what you want in a way that he is able to understand it, he will provide you with exactly what you want. His trainer must be calm and confident. He wants nothing more than to please his pack. He is full of life and very intelligent. He will be loyal and loving just like the American Pit Bull Terrier and the American Staffordshire Terrier. He displays great tolerance with children as long as the children are taught to respect the dog and not pull or tug on him. He is confident but not aggressive and he will impress you with his beautiful athletic build. He proudly displays his strength and he is amazingly agile. He is a very reliable and trustworthy family pet but as with any other breed of dog he must be supervised with young children. He is a very courageous animal and he can be a persistent fighter when he is provoked. He will be naturally protective of his pack and the property of the pack.

The American Bully will do fine in an apartment as long as he is exercised frequently. He seems to have boundless energy. They prefer warmer climates that are better suited to their short, close coat. He will need to be both physically and mentally stimulated to keep him from getting bored. He will do well with many different types of exercise from agility to fly-ball and when doing jobs like police work and Service and Therapy work among others. He will be happier with a job to do. He needs to know he is pleasing his pack and he craves approval and affection. This breed was created for the sole purpose of pleasing their pack and he is very driven to do so. You can expect to have very few health problems with the American Bully and you will enjoy approximately twelve years of companionship from him if he is well cared for and has a balanced diet. As with all breeds he needs to have preventative veterinarian care on a regular basis.

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