American Eskimo

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Originally from Germany, the American Eskimo Dog is classified as a non-sporting dog. Their main job in current times is to be a great companion pet for people. They can be found in many different sizes from toy to miniature to standard. No matter the size, you can always distinguish the American Eskimo by their medium coat in solid white or white and cream. They have a short white undercoat and a longer fluffy outer coat. Their almond shaped eyes are almost always dark brown and they are beautifully set off by the white coat. Their coat must be brushed regularly at least twice each week but during shedding season you will need to brush them daily in the opposite direction of the coat’s growth to pull out the undercoat. A well-kept American Eskimo dog can live to be as old as sixteen years of age. 

You will find certain traits that run through all of the Spitz type dogs, such as the erect ears and the fluffy plumed tail. They have a square build and a wedge shaped head that is typical of all breeds in the Spitz family. No matter which size you choose you will have a very energetic dog. They are alert and very loyal to their family. He takes his watchdog status very seriously. He can be extremely protective of his home and family to the point of becoming aggressive to strangers. Because of this his training must be firm and consistent. Again, with this breed socialization is very important. If these dogs are not properly socialized you will not be able to have guests in your home. It is very important to stress socialization with the American Eskimo Dog. He will still be protective, but you will also be able to have guests over without the dog being a hazard. 

The intelligence of this breed will surprise you. He is a great mix of beauty and intelligence. He is a strong willed dog that will test your patience and your creativity. You will need to find challenges for his mind and his energy level. The American Eskimo Dog can be very destructive when he gets bored so it is very important to keep him involved in something such as agility, fly-ball or one of the many different types of races available to energetic dogs. Though he can adapt to any size living quarters you must be prepared to provide plenty of exercise for this breed. You will find the American Eskimo dog to be hardy and playful. They are completely charming and always alert. 

The American Eskimo is usually very easy to train because they just want to please you. They most often have very high scores in obedience trials. They love to work and to have a purpose. The American Eskimo needs to be socialized when he is young. He will automatically become protective when the need arises. They have a need to be part of a pack and they need a leader who is firm and consistent. If you are not firm with him he will take on the role of pack leader and you will be faced with behavior problems. If they are not properly trained they can suffer from separation anxiety, aggressiveness and obsessive barking. 

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