American Foxhound

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The American Foxhound looks much like a Beagle type of dog, only larger. Much larger, weighing in at a whopping average of 65 pounds! He is tri-color with a mixture of black, tan and white and was originally bred to hunt foxes. He has an easily groomed short to medium length coat and you can expect him to shed at least twice each year. The American Foxhound needs to be socialized early if you want him to be a good pet. These hounds have very high energy levels and will require plenty of exercise. He will need a couple of hours of exercise every day so be sure you have plenty of time to spend on him before you bring him home. They also make a great warning howl when visitors approach so he will make a good watchdog. You can expect an easy time with his grooming needs, with a bath about every six to eight weeks and a nail trim about once each month.

Keeping him within a very secure fence or on a leash will be a necessity to keep him from running off to follow his nose. Unfortunately the breed has so few registrations with the American Kennel Club that they would appear to be close to extinction, but hundreds of them are registered with other organizations that cater more toward hunting dogs. George Washington had many English Foxhounds and he began breeding and training them himself. He added and subtracted other hound breeds to add speed and to increase height. The new breed was called the American Foxhound. They still have many of the same characteristics but are recognized as a separate breed in their own right.
They love their human pack and will make a great family pet as long as they are properly socialized and exercised properly. He will be a relatively easy student when it comes to obedience training. You will have to remember that he is a hunting dog and he will have a strong tendency to chase prey. He will be a much happier family pet if you keep him busy. His mind and his body need to be exercised daily. A bored dog is never a happy dog and bored dogs get themselves into trouble. This breed can be very destructive when they are left alone for long periods at a time. They get so attached to their human pack that they can suffer from separation anxiety.

You are not likely to have many health issues with the American Foxhound. There is a chance of any of the things that come with large breeds, such as hip dysplasia, but this is a very hardy breed. They are very good with children and will romp and play all day together. He will definitely have enough energy to keep up. It is not advisable to take him out without a leash because he will follow his nose and get himself lost. You can expect about thirteen years from this big loveable, very faithful friend.

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