American Indian Dog

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The American Indian Dog could be confused with a German Shepherd Dog if you do not know the breed well. He is an all-round working, nurturing dog. He is medium in size with a light build, unlike the German Shepherd. He has prick ears and almond shaped eyes. His eye color is unlike the German Shepherd in that they are usually pale in color and can range from golden to blue. The American Indian Dog is a very intelligent breed and he seems to look at you instead of through you. He seems intent on you and what you want from him. He needs to know you are in charge and what you want him to do for you. He can and will provide you with your every desire and he will not mind if it is hard work or if it is fun play. He is built for anything with a deep chest and finely tuned muscle structure. The American Indian Dog is born without dewclaws and his feet are webbed and cat-like. His hair is a little longer on his chest, his ruff, shoulders and the backs of his legs. His tail is bushy. You will find him in a wide array of colors and most have dark tipped hairs on his outer coat.

You can see the thought process in this dog’s eyes. They have deep seated in instinctual behaviors and they are territorially conscious at all times. They form an extremely close bond with their human pack and they are as loyal as they are protective. They are very adaptable to all kinds of situations. Hardly ever vicious, they are almost always on the cautious side with strangers. They usually warm up to strangers in time. This is another breed that will require a lot of socialization as a puppy from a firm, confident owner. Among other exceptional qualities they have an instinct to be protective and attentive. They are wonderful as family pets and they are equally wonderful as working dogs. They have no health problems common to the breed but you should never allow them to get overweight. Watching his diet is very important and being overweight will cause many problems with his bones and joints. When exercised regularly and socialized correctly this is an extremely healthy breed of dog that will stand by your side for as many as 18 years.

For thousands of years the Plains tribes of Indians used the American Indian Dog to hunt, track and herd other animals. They used them to guard the tribe’s belongings and territory. When a tribe decided to move, the dogs were used as pack animals that carried heavy loads from one location to another. They kept their owners warm from the cold night air after working all day. Not only can you expect them to be willing to work for you, they are a truly beautiful breed of dog. They are truly an all-American dog. Once close to extinction they are making a comeback. It has taken many years of selective breeding but people have never lost interest in the breed’s ability to love and work with such great balance. The average height of the American Indian Dog is only 18 to 20 inches at the shoulder and they can weigh anywhere from 35lbs for females to 60lbs for males.

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