American Mastiff (Panja)

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The American Mastiff Panja is another of the breeds most often misidentified as a pit bull terrier. He has the classic big head with an alert expression. The American Mastiff Panja is a working dog and does best with a job to do. They are good at so many different things; from pulling to police work and from protecting his property to service dog work. He is very muscular and strong with a wide chest and trim build. Early socialization and training is important with this breed just as it is with the pit bull terrier breeds. They have a very easy going demeanor and they are extremely devoted to their human pack. If he is properly socialized he will be excellent with other animals and with children. He will assume the responsibility of protector over the house and all its contents. His trainer must be firm, calm and assertive because this is a breed that needs to be guided by a strong pack leader.

He is very intelligent and active, but, as with any breed of dog, they can be destructive when they get bored. They need to be with their human pack as much as possible and if you do not have the time to spend with him you may want to consider a different breed. They have a strong pack mentality and they need to be with their pack most of the time. They make that easier because they are perfect travel companions.  With proper socialization they have an uncanny way of knowing which people are good and which ones are not. The American Mastiff Panja is a very strong willed dog so he is not for a meek person and will do best with an alpha leader he trusts to take charge and tell him what they need him to do. His rules need to be very clear and consistent. He must understand that all of the humans in the house are above him in pack position.

There are no specific health issues with the American Mastiff Panja. They are susceptible to hip dysplasia since they are approximately 25 inches at shoulder height and can weigh in at about 100 pounds! Being a large breed they will have a shorter lifespan than smaller dogs, but you can expect them to provide loyal loving protection for up to 12 years. They have a medium flat coat that develops an undercoat in the winter. An occasional bath will keep his skin and coat healthy but a daily brushing during shedding season will be necessary. They do well in almost any climate because of their ability to grow this undercoat when they need it, even though shedding is minimal. You can wipe him off with a water and vinegar solution to cut any odors and it will give his coat a very healthy shine without drying his skin. This is true with almost all short haired dogs.

The American mastiff Panja can live very comfortably in an apartment setting as long as he has the opportunity to exercise daily. He would do well in agility, fly-ball or almost any other sport. Being close to his family and pleasing you is what he loves the most!


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