American Staffordshire Terrier

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The difference between other bully breeds and American Staffordshire Terriers is a difficult one to pin down. Even most breeders can't agree. The American Staffordshire or AmStaff as they are affectionately called is a solid dog, both muscular and stocky. They are extremely strong dogs and they make great agility dogs. Their eyes are generally dark and round. You can almost see their gentle natured heart when you look into them. When they are uncropped the ears are half-pricked with an adorable bend halfway up and a floppy tip. They are a groomer’s dream because of their stiff, thick high gloss hair. They normally shed twice each year and a short brush will help with that. They are best known for their widely placed front legs and their wide muscular chest. The American Staffordshire, as well as many other Bully breeds, has received some very negative press in recent years, but if they are raised by a calm, confident and knowledgeable trainer they make outstanding companion animals.

The American Staffordshire Terrier is a happy, stable, and confident dog. They are extremely loving and gentle towards people if they are properly socialized as puppies. If they are socialized with other dogs in their puppyhood they will enjoy the companionship of other dogs as they reach adulthood. The most important thing an owner of an American Staffordshire Terrier must do is socialize them as puppies. They do have a natural aggression towards other dogs if they are not properly socialized when they are young. They have a gentle nature and an amusing personality that will capture your heart. All they want to do is please their human pack.

They are courageous and intelligent dogs. This makes them excellent for many different jobs. They can work with police as drug detection dogs; they are great for agility, fly-ball, being guard dogs or as a perfect family pet. He is naturally protective of his human pack and when provoked they will fight. It has been said that this breed has a high tolerance for pain, but it is more widely believed that they will fight to the death to protect their family. They do require an experienced trainer who is firm but gentle. Corporal punishment is not recommended for this and other Bully breeds. They are a quick study in the training department!

You can expect your American Staffordshire Terrier to be a great companion for as many as 15 years. They are normally no taller than 19 inches; if they grow to be taller than that they are likely to be an American Pit Bull Terrier. He is likely to weigh in at about 65 pounds. When he is young he is a bundle of energy and will require lots of exercise. They love to pull and they are built well for such an activity. He has been recognized by the American Kennel Club since 1936 and has played a role in many television shows and movies as a testament to his outstanding intelligence. He will make a fantastic pet and a dependable one with the right training. Always consider adoption before going to a breeder for this or any other kind of dog.

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