American Toy Fox Terrier

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The American Toy Fox Terrier is another fine example of a tiny tenacious terrier. They are normally tri-colored little dogs that can be mistaken for a Chihuahua. Typically their hair is thicker and softer than that of other short haired breeds. This robust little terrier needs socialization from puppyhood and he needs a firm, calm owner. Corporal punishment is a strict no-no with this and other breeds. They will take over the household if given the opportunity so they need an owner who has had some training experience. He is an intelligent dog but he needs strong leadership.

They are very curious little bundles of energy. They act young well in to their adulthood and often well in to old age. They are loving and protective, sensitive and always alert. They can go from running wildly throughout the house to sensitive and pleasant little lap dogs in two seconds flat. Their hilarious antics caused by their curiosity will certainly entertain an audience. If he does not know and understand his place he can suffer from Napoleon Syndrome. He is strict to his ancestry and loves to fight mice, hamsters, gerbils and any other small animals. He is very athletic and agile but he loves the hunt.

You will find him to be affectionate and trainable. They are able to do many things you would not be likely to expect from such a little dog. They are used in service dog training, termite inspection and other occupations. They excel in these jobs and take great pride in what they are able to accomplish. The trainer must be confident and consistent. They need a strong leader to guide them through life. Pack leader position must not be in question; the dog should never doubt who’s in charge. Given the opportunity he will take charge and run the household his way. With proper conditioning and training he will bring smiles to all that cross his path. They are always enthusiastic and puppy-like.

The American Toy Fox Terrier is a healthy breed with few health concerns. If you have a health related problem with him it is likely to be allergy related. Many small dogs suffer from food allergies. Always be sure to feed him a healthy diet and do not over feed him. Extra weight adds strain to their little legs and backs. They are normally about ten inches tall at the shoulder and should weigh between 3 and 7 pounds. It is much easier to keep the weight off in the first place than it is to get the excess weight off of him after he has gained it. You can expect him to provide you with approximately 14 years of companionship.

The American Toy Fox Terrier is perfect for apartment life although they are very active inside. They need to be walked or exercised outside but not too much in cold weather. He can wear a sweater for cold days but he should still have some exercise. The only other thing that he will need is to be groomed. His short thick coat will need to be brushed during shedding season, but he is not a big shedder.


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